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Starting March 29, A.D. 2009!

Alexios I Komnenos Early Reign Online Campaign

Players accepted from all over the world.

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DBA - De Bellis Antiquitatis

De Bellis Antiquitatis or "Ancient Warfare" is a popular rule system for fighting ancient and medieval battles using miniature figures. The DBA resource page is an excellent source of information and pictures and has a number of very useful forums for players.

If you are already a DBA player or a beginner and live in North Dakota or nearby, this site is for you. It offers a Players Listing  for other players to contact you for a game. Use this site as a resource to schedule friendly games with others. The listing is alphabetical by regions and cities. The bottom of this page tells how to be listed.


North East, Tim Hafner,,

I/43a Skythian 750-301 BC (coming soon), III/5 Early Byzantine 493-578 AD, IV/1 Komnenan Byzantine 1071-1204 AD, IV/13a Medieval Germans 1106-1235 AD (coming soon)

North East, Doug Rains

I/7a Early Lybian 3000-1251 BC, I/10 Pre Vedic Indian 2700-1500 BC, I/23 Vedic Indian 1500-512 BC, I/24 Hittite Empire 1380-1180 BC, I/43 Skythian 750-50 BC, I/48 Thracian 700 BC-46 AD, I/52i Italiot 668-450 BC, II/1 Republican Indian 5000-321 BC, II/2 Mountain Indian 500-170 BC, II/3 Classical Indian 500 BC-545 AD, II.5a Spartan 450-275BC, II/7 Later Achaemenid Persian 420-329 BC, II/19a Seleucid 320-280 BC, II/36b Graeco-Indian 170-55 BC, II/40 Numidian 215-25 AD, II/53 Ancient British 55 BC-75 AD, II/54 Scots-Irish 55 BC-846 AD, II/56 Early Imperial Rome 25 BC-197 AD, II/60 Caledonian 75-211 AD, II/64b Middle Imperial Rome (East) 193-324 AD, II/69 Sassanid Persian 220-651 AD, II/78 Late Imperial Rome 307-425 AD, III/10c Hindu Indian 545-1510 AD, III/19c North Welsh, III/24a Middle Anglo Saxon 617-700 AD, III/45 Pre-Feudal Scots 846-1124 AD, III/71 Anglo-Danish 1014-1075 AD, IV/36 Later Muslim Indian 1206-1526, IV/63 Aztec 1325-1521 AD, IV/64a Medieval French 1330-1345 AD, IV/71 Chimu 1350-1464 AD, IV/81 Inca 1438-1534 AD

Fargo, Bruce Hanson,

II/39a Ancient Spanish Iberian 240-20BC, III/34b Andalusian 766-1172AD, III/54 Early Samurai 900-1300AD, IV/59a or b Post-Mongol Samurai 1300-1542AD
Grand Forks, Chris Miller,
II/7 Later Achaemenid Persian 420-329BC
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Send an email to Type "ND DBA New Listing" in the subject line. Include your name, your region or city, your email, the armies you are able to field, the armies you are working on. This website is meant to bring people together for the purposes of gaming and can not assume liablity for posting information submitted by its users. You must be at least 18 years of age to submit your information. Please keep any sensitive information private. Thanks.


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